Green Armytage Forcep is used to grasp fibrous tissue, especially the angle of the uterus securely and to clamp bleeders to achieve hemostasis during gynecological surgeries including caesarean section, hysterectomy, myomectomy and uterine repair. It is also used in general surgeries to grasp and maneuver the rectus sheath during ileostomy, exploratory laparotomy, ileal resection and intestinal anastomosis. The instrument has an overall length of 21 cm consists of flat tips that have serrations to ensure a firm and secure grip. These are attached to finger rings by a ratchet lock system. The surgeon applies the Green-Armytage Uterine Clamp to the uterine angles to hold the uterus as well as achieve hemostasis.



Shape Art No.
21 CM – 8 ¼” STRAIGHT